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Joey Pigza Loses Control

Description of Book:
Joey Pigza gets to spend the summer with his father, who he has never met. Joey is excited to get to know his father and see if his dad is really like him. However, Joey's dad is trying to make up for all the wrongs he has done to Joey, so he decides to take control of Joey's life. He has Joey play on his baseball team which Joey really enjoys. However, he also decides that Joey doesn't need his Attention Deficit/Hyperactive Disorder, (ADHD) medication, which is what Joey depends on to control his behavior.

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Other books recommended about children with ADD or ADHD:

Zipper: The Kid with ADHD

The book is about a fifth grade student named Zach (Zipper). Zipper has ADHD. He has a hard time making friends, doing his homework, and staying out of trouble at school, at home, and with police. However, Zipper meets a retired musician, Pete, who discovers that Zipper has a talent for playing drums. Zipper will have to learn to control his behavior if he wants to rent a drum set and play with Pete.


Trout and Me

The book is about a boy named Ben, who since first grade has always been in trouble even though he is a good kid. When Ben is in sixth grade a boy, named Trout, transfers to his class. They become very good friends. They both have Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and are taking Ritalin. However, Trout is a really big troublemaker. Ben starts to get a bad reputation, and he has to decide if his friendship with Trout is really what is best for him.


Eddie Enough

It is a story about a third grader, Eddie, who has ADHD. He is a very hyper child who is always getting into trouble. He is always forgetting to do something or is always late. His classmates give him the nickname Eddie Enough. The principal realizes that Eddie is a good kid who just needs a little more help. He knows if Eddie gets medication and support from his family and teachers Eddie will be just fine.


Pay Attention, Slosh

It is a story about a boy named Josh. Josh’s friends call him Slosh, which really hurts Josh’s feelings. His teacher talks to his parents and they decide that Josh needs to go to a doctor to help with his ADHD. Josh learns to control his behavior and his classmates start considering him to be just one of the guys.


Sparky’s Excellent Misadventures: My ADD Journal, By Me (Sparky)

This is a story about a boy name Sparky, who has ADD. He writes in his journal all the ups and downs of the day. Sparky is trying to find a way to control his behavior. It is a very good description of a day in the life of someone that has ADD.


Parents Wanted

It is a story of a boy, Andy; who is a foster child. Andy also suffers from ADD. The Sizeracy family welcomes Andy into their house, and Andy really wants to impress the family. However, Andy starts misbehaving. The Sizeracy family has to decide if Andy is a right fit for the family or if Andy’s behavior has ruined his chances of adoption.


A Kid Just Like Me

This is a true story of a father and son’s journey to overcome ADD. Bruce’s son Joshua is diagnosed with ADD, just like his dad. Bruce decides to stop at nothing to determine the best way for his son to learn to fight his disability. It is a story that proves with a little love and patience anything is possible.


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